Agricultural Products

Fruits and vegetables

With its ever widening range of fruit and vegetables, Cyprus has quite justifiably gained a reputation in international markets as "the garden of the Mediterranean". Production of fruit and vegetables has been further enhanced by the completion of a massive irrigation scheme which has opened up an additional 40.000 acres of fertile coastal land.


Halloumi and other cheese products

Every country has its own traditional culinary speciality. Just as the French are known for the baguette, the Italians for spaghetti and the Dutch for Gouda, Cyprus is renowned for its Halloumi cheese. Nothing could be more characteristic for the sunny island in the eastern Mediterranean than the semi-hard Halloumi. For centuries now, Halloumi is being prepared according to a traditional recipe, passed on from generation to generation. Halloumi is a registered trademark certified by the European Union and no other country can produce this cheese.



Cyprus is a small island, yet the renown of its wines is great. The cultivation of grape vines dates back to 3.000 B.C., during the early days of the colonisation of the Island. Studies indicate that the grape varieties in Cyprus are some of the oldest in the world. Fashions change however and Cyprus has had to adapt its wine industry. "Foreign" varieties, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Carignan Noir, Chardonnay and Semillon, have been successfully introduced in the past 20 years and are used for blending with the local varieties of Mavro and Xynisteri, as well as producing small quantities of "varietal" wines.