Halloumi and other cheese products


Every country has its own traditional culinary speciality. Just as the French are known for the baguette, the Italians for spaghetti and the Dutch for gouda, Cyprus is renowned for its Halloumi cheese. Nothing could be more characteristic for the sunny island in the eastern Mediterranean than the semi-hard Halloumi. For centuries now, Halloumi is being prepared according to a traditional recipe, passed on from generation to generation. Halloumi is a registered trademark certified by the European Union and no other country can produce this cheese.

Halloumi consists of a mixture of goat or sheep milk and cow milk. Its special characteristics include the fresh mint leaves added, as well as its unique folded shape. Halloumi contains a minimum of 43% fat, 22% protein, a maximum of 45% moisture and approximately 2% salt.

Its manifold serving possibilities render Halloumi unique: Fresh, fried, baked or grilled, it is a sheer delight for all the family throughout the year. Halloumi does not melt in frying or grilling and is therefore the attraction of every barbeque.

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Anari is another delicious fresh cheese from Cyprus. It is made traditionally by adding milk to the whey left after making halloumi. If not consumed fresh, the cheese is salted and air-dried. The resulting very tasty hard grating cheese is used to flavour homemade pastas and pies.

Kephalotyri Cheese

It is a hard type of traditional Cyprus cheese prepared from 100% pasteurised sheep's milk. It is considered to be one of the best and and most expensive cheeses and it's preparation is very complicated. It contains a maximum moisture of 38%, 48% fat in dry matter and 2,5% salt. Storing temperature is 5ºC.